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Quality Payment Program

The final rule with comment period for Quality Payment Program (MACRA) was released on Friday, October 14, 2016. Now what do I do?

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Documenting Percentage of Stenosis

Documenting Percentage of Stenosis PQRS Measure 195 Endovascular & Interventional Center Billing Performance Endovascular Billing Interventional Radiology Billing OBL Billing OIS Billing

Whether you are documenting to meet PQRS Measure 195 requirements or are treating an arterial stenosis by PTA for medical necessity, it is the documentation of the percentage (%) of stenosis that counts. Terms such as “mild”, “moderate”, or “severe”, without the specified percentage (%) are not specific enough...

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Documenting Vascular Interventional Radiology Procedures

Interventional Radiology Billing Endovascular Billing OIS Billing OBL Billing Interventional Radiology Coding Endovascular Coding

When documenting your vascular interventional radiology procedures, it is important to remember your audience extends far beyond the referring physician. On a regular basis, your report is scrutinized by a multitude of non clinical staff such as coders, auditors, billers, payers, and medical reviewers to name just a few...

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