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Join StreamlineMD at the 2019 AVLS Conference

StreamlineMD will be attending and exhibiting at this week's American Vein & Lymphatic Society Conference in Phoenix, AZ.

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StreamlineMD Prior Auth Management Tool!

Vein practices easily lose tens of thousands of dollars annually by mismanaging the Prior Authorization process. Stop losing money to unnecessary Prior Auth denials with this new Prior Authorization Management tool...

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Prevent Vein Clinic Prior Auth Denials Now!

Prior Authorization denials can be a problem for vein practices trying to treat patients needing vein ablations. These insidious denials can erode practice revenue and performance if not taken seriously. The matter may become even more critical as CMS contemplates adding prior authorization requirements in the future.

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Vein Clinic MIPS Educational Topic of the Week: Public Health and Clinical Data Exchange

MIPS for VEIN Certified EHR Vein EHR

If you have not yet signed up with the AVLS PRO 2.0 Registry, we encourage you to do so.

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StreamlineMD is partnered with Mingle Health Registry for MIPS Data Submission


To provide this service to our clients, StreamlineMD is partnered with Mingle Health, a CMS Qualified Registry, for guidance, analytics, submission of measures data, and expert knowledge to assure that our clients receive the most points possible for the MIPS program.

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Novitas Sclero and Non-Thermal Policy Change Delayed


Novitas Medicare delayed the Coding Article and LCD for Scleros and Endovenous Non-Thermal Treatment of Varicose Veins. It will not be implemented on 5/7/19 as previously announced. This affects CPT codes 36465 & -66 (Varithena), 36468 (Sclero), 36473 & -74, 36482 & -83 for Medicare Jurisdiction H & L.

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Join StreamlineMD at the 2019 IVC Conference

Join StreamlineMD at the 2019 IVC Conference April 25-27 in South Beach...

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Press Release: STREAMLINEMD Earns ONC Health IT Certification from Drummond Group LLC

Certified EHR

StreamlineMD, LLC’s StreamlineMD EHR 15.0 has achieved Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC-Health IT) 2015 Edition health IT Module Certification via Drummond Group LLC.

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Preventing Prior-Authorization Denials in Your Vein Practice

Vein Practice Billing Performance VEIN BILLING

Attention to Detail Makes a Difference: Paying careful attention to detail to your upcoming patient cases, your applications for prior authorization, your documentation and the CPT codes charged can speed up your cash flow and prevent lost revenue...

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2019 New Year Practice Billing Checklist

MIPS for VEIN Vein Practice Billing Performance VEIN BILLING Quality Payment Plan MIPS

Commensurate with the new year, it is considered best practice to review your practice's goals, policies and procedures and communicate them to your staff. Below is a short checklist of 10 key items that every practice should review annually to ensure their practice and billing performance for the new year kicks off on the right foot...

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