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Vein Clinic MIPS Educational Topic of the Week: Public Health and Clinical Data Exchange

MIPS for VEIN Certified EHR Vein EHR

If you have not yet signed up with the AVLS PRO 2.0 Registry, we encourage you to do so.

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StreamlineMD is partnered with Mingle Health Registry for MIPS Data Submission


To provide this service to our clients, StreamlineMD is partnered with Mingle Health, a CMS Qualified Registry, for guidance, analytics, submission of measures data, and expert knowledge to assure that our clients receive the most points possible for the MIPS program.

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Novitas Sclero and Non-Thermal Policy Change Delayed


Novitas Medicare delayed the Coding Article and LCD for Scleros and Endovenous Non-Thermal Treatment of Varicose Veins. It will not be implemented on 5/7/19 as previously announced. This affects CPT codes 36465 & -66 (Varithena), 36468 (Sclero), 36473 & -74, 36482 & -83 for Medicare Jurisdiction H & L.

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